Skills for Innovation conference


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Skills for Innovation conference

The community of IFE Alumni is growing stronger! The graduates of prestigious International Faculty of Engineering achieve success in the corporate and start-up worlds and come back to their Alma Mater to share their knowledge with current students.

Regular meetings of IFE Alumni Association are already becoming a tradition. In October 2018, the graduates have gathered again to take part in the Skills for Innovation conference and the informal gathering in the evening.

At the Skills for Innovation conference, the graduates shared insights on what is important in achieving success in both corporate and start-up worlds. Panel discussion, conducted by Włodzimierz Gołębiowski, showed that in different types of careers, whether in multinational enterprise or a newly created company, building relationships, networking and proper work-life balance are essential. From Maciej Cypryk, the owner of a micro-enterprise producing furniture, we heard that it is important to stick to one’s values, while Tomasz Stańczyk, representing the family-run business, underlined that it is worth trying something new all the time. Monika Modrzejewska, who gained her experience in some of the world’s biggest corporations, advised the conference participants to find a mentor in business. Start-up owner Marek Pietrucha and Aleksander Pokorski, who worked in huge enterprises and now runs a small business, both emphasized the importance of building relationships and networks, while Justyna Adamczewska, representing another huge corporation, reminded the listeners that a proper work-life balance and saving space for hobbies is essential to be successful and satisfied.

During Meet the Graduate presentations we have heard the words of five speakers, representing different career paths, who have expressed their views on the crucial qualities in achieving success.

Michał Nowakowski has shared an important lesson he learnt at the beginning of his career – to trust people and to show humility. Since then, Michał has developed a successful career in Orange company. “When you start managing people, you become part of their life. Treat them the way you would like to be treated” – said Michał.

Magdalena Puisney-Hebdowska was encouraging us to make crazy decisions in life – getting involved in new projects, moving to new countries, experimenting with career. “You will not only have successes in your life” said Magda though, preparing students for failures as well. Her approach to life has helped her in developing French gearbox remanufacturing firm from scratch and developing her family company afterwards.

“I was ignorant and crazy enough to start my own company” – said Tomasz Rogucki, whose company Lingaro is now working for Fortune 500 firms. His secrets of success are building a strong personal network and taking on challenges. “Begin with the end in mind” – said Tomek – “because once you get started nothing goes the way you planned”. That was a valuable lesson for IFE students and their future careers.

Magdalena Grębosz-Krawczyk has chosen an academic career after graduating from IFE. She is now an Associate Professor at Lodz University of Technology (Faculty of Management and Production Engineering). Magda shared the importance of learning languages and gaining international exposure as early as possible, building up self-confidence which can help in any type of career, as well as being hard-working and stress-resistant, the qualities which always pay off.

Radosław Korczyński, who after over 10 years of experience in consulting and technological corporations has decided to join young dynamic firm, has encouraged the students to leverage their networks and apply what they have learn in new environments. “Take ownership!” – said Radek, “even if we are not working for our companies, we need to feel accountability for our work”. According to him, good communication skills, good presentation skills, are essential in the business world.

Students that attended the Skills for Innovation conference hopefully gained considerable advantage from the experience and advice shared by IFE graduates, which could help them in completing their professional goals. IFE Alumni Association is planning new exciting events and initiatives in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

Elena Pawęta